Best Food Dish for Dogs

Choosing the right dog dish for your canine friend is more than just picking a pretty color and rolling with it. Style can be a factor in your choice, but more has to be considered in terms of fit and longevity. Ever breed of dog is different, so being informed and coming to the best decision is key. If you keep your dog crated, make sure to get a food and water dish that will fit the crate.

As there is no magic list of the best food dishes for dogs across the board (due to the aforementioned every breed is different), this will be closer to a compilation of things to be considered and examples of each point.

The first step to picking the right food dish is deciding on the material. There are many types out there, but the classic war is between steel and ceramic. Steel dishes are undoubtedly sturdy. They’re great for dogs that tend to be a little rougher during their mealtime. Ceramic dishes aren’t as sturdy and unbreakable, but they come in so many different styles that some people prefer them over steel simply because of the variety.

  1. For steel, try the Harmony Brushed Stainless Steel No-Tip Double Diner.
  2. For ceramic try the Dogs Trust Dog Bowl by Fenella Smith.

The second step in choosing the right food dish is deciding to do raised or normal. As new information continues to surface, more and more vets are recommending raised feeders to place your dog dishes in. Normal dishes placed on the floor with the rims facing directly upward can cause digestive problems like Dog Bloat (twisting of the stomach) and Mega-Esophagus (food going into the esophagus). Raised feeders are also beneficial for senior canines and those who suffer from arthritis.

Try these raised dog feeders:

  1. Lola and Daisy Designs Curved Raised Dog Feeder
  2. Unleashed Life’s High Rise Dog Feeder

Possibly the most important factor in deciding the best food dish for your dog is how well it works for your dog. Some food dishes are so unique that they don’t exactly fit in a category, but they have some pretty great features.

Here are just a few:

  1. Company of Animals Interactive Feeder (great for making mealtime an adventure)
  2. Alessi Lula Dog Bowl (for keeping food fresh and safe from grazers)

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