Types of Harnesses for Dogs

Dog harnesses are important, as they are a good way to ensure that you have something sturdy to attach your dog’s leash to. They are better than collars because they tend to be more comfortable. There are many kinds of harnesses, and each kind has its uses and advantages. It is vital to know what the features of each harness are to allow you to make an informed choice when looking for a collar for your dog.

  • The Step-In-Harness is one of the most common types of harness, and it is popular simply because it is so varied. The straps easily attach on the dog’s back, and the two loops around his leg ensure that the dog is comfortable. They are easy to use, easy to adjust, and very comfortable for your dog, and there are many sizes, shapes, and patterns used to create these simple harnesses.
  • The Roman or Standard Harness is the harness most people have used in the past, but the style of these harnesses has been simplified to ensure that dog owners can easily use them. The harness goes over the head of the dog, loops around one leg, and easily buckled with a simple strap. This old classic is one of the best designs used to harness dogs around the world, and thanks to the simplified design you can easily harness your dog with little difficulty.
  • Vest Harnesses are very popular among those who like to dress up their dog, and these are excellent for use thanks to the fact that they don’t put pressure on the neck of your dog. The ring is far away from your dog’s throat, and the harness is placed on your dog in the same way a vest is to harness your dog in style.
  • All in One Harness and Leash sets are perfect for those who want both a harness and leash, and these sets make it easy to harness and leash your dog. They are easy to put on your dog and are very comfortable for him to wear. The leash attaches to the ring on the dog’s back, and they are perfect for anyone who likes to take their dog out for walks.
  • The Easy-On Harness is designed to be as easy as possible to strap on your dog, and the Velcro or hook and loop fasteners make it easy to strap your dog in. Simply place the harness on your dog’s back, and use the fasteners to tighten the harness around your dog’s belly to ensure that he is comfortable in his harness. These are great to use on dog’s that are hard to harness or who refuse to stand still or step into a harness.

There are many unique harnesses for your dog, such as the shoulder collar that goes around your dog’s legs instead of his neck. The EzDog Harness has a shape that conforms to your dog’s features, and the Back Pack harness has a small pouch that allows you to place your dog’s poop bag inside his harness. For great pet shopping comparisons check out Pet Territory.com.

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